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Touring Tip – Socks

When you are on tour, it is always nice to have clean and dry feet.

If you think you will need 5 pair of socks for your 5 day tour – I suggest you think again!

Scenario: Day Two on tour.  It’s raining.  You get to your lunch stop, because you still have to travel that 25-30 miles this morning, and there in your handlebar bag is a clean, dry pair of socks!  BIG smile comes over your face.

You change your socks and enjoy your lunch.

There is nothing better than having dry feet! Especially if it’s a bit chilly.

So, take the number of riding days and multiply them by 2… that’s the number of pair of socks you want to bring.  (You can always bring home clean socks if you don’t need them!)


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