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Here at HubBub, we will always bring you the best products in their respective categories.

It all starts with our HubBub Helmet Mirror and our HubBub Guide to Cycling.

These two products, along with the HubBub drop bar adapter, are exclusively ours.  We wrote the book on how to take a guided bike tour, we developed the drop bar adapter to fill a need one of our customers had, and the mirror?

Well,  yes – the mirror.  It’s been quite a journey to design and manufacture the mirror and perhaps some day, we will actually do a video about how they are made.  They look simple – which is a good thing; and, they are not.  There are many processes that go into making each mirror and we are very pleased with the finished product.  We are still working on improving the installation directions though!

Please feel free to comment on any product you purchase; we will respond promptly.  Please let us know if there are products you want or need and we will do our best to seek out the best of the best for you.

Thank you for stopping by.  We appreciate your interest.

Diane Lees
AKA The Outspoken Cyclist



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