Bicycle accessories for the discriminating cyclist

What Women Want

Essentially, women want what men want: to be treated with respect and dignity, to be taken seriously, and to be offered the same quality products and services.

That has not always been the case in the cycling business. It is, however, ALWAYS the case here at HubBub Custom Bicycles. In fact, we have gone so far as to have products manufactured for women when the industry offerings have been virtually non-existent. For example, we worked with (read that: “badgered”) Waterford Precision Cycles for almost two years to develop and manufacture the Waterford Diva frameset.

We take a woman’s bike fit and sizing very seriously and display as many saddles designed for women as for men as well as seeking out the appropriate sized and shaped handlebars and stems. A woman’s comfort, safety, and level of interest in cycling are always taken into consideration when helping to find the optimum position during a fitting.

We do not try to “make do” with products that just aren’t appropriate. In addition to women’s specific saddles, handlebars, and stems, we stock a wide variety of women’s shorts, tops, jackets, shoes, undergarments, gloves, and even Luna energy bars. When talking with our suppliers and road reps, we remind them that not every woman is a size 8 or 10 and 5′ 5″ tall. So, there is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all”!

Many of the other products that are not necessarily “women specific” per se were chosen because women will benefit from them. For example, our Aloe Up Suncare products are gentler and more beneficial to the skin than many others. We also stock DZ Bliss Chamois Cream

When discussing a tandem with a couple, it is always with an emphasis on the role of the Captain as it relates to the Stoker’s comfort and safety. As you will learn, “the Stoker is ALWAYS right!” We are very serious about our tandem teams, and want them to enjoy the sport and find riding together fun and exciting.

When discussing a new single bike with a woman, we address our questions to HER and try to answer her questions without assuming anything.

Finally, we try to convey to women our love of the sport and of our work. We are a serious tandem team. We test and use the products.

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