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Our Story

WE INVENTED CYCLING UNDERWEAR. In 1986, in response to our own athletic needs, we created the world’s first underwear specifically for cycling. Andiamo! Skins™with the unique, one piece crotch virtually eliminated the chafing and saddle sores which had plagued cyclists.

A cycling staple was established overnight. We were in 2000 independent bike stores and most of the large sporting goods chains after one year in business.

We made an undergarment of a fine, stretchy fabric which could be laundered fiercely, saving wear on expensive padded cycling shorts (Yes, they were expensive, even back then) and keeping a layer of clean next to the skin.

WE STILL DO. Since the bodies we designed Skins™and Padded Skins™ and Padded Briefs™ for remain the same, so do our products.

Soon, Skins™were discovered by hikers. They eliminate chafing, wick perspiration, provide light compression, and wash and dry quickly. They have been worn by serious hikers to the ends of the earth, literally. Scuba divers found that wetsuits roll on and off easily over Skins™. They are great for basketball, soccer, kayaking, horseback riding, skiing, or any activity calling for dryness, support, and comfortable, seamless seating.

A surprising number of people wear Andiamo! Skins™ as their everyday underwear. Daily Luxury.

In 1987, we added PADDING to the underwear, maintaining the original seamless crotch and easy to forget fabric. We designed a lightweight, low profile pad which compresses easily yet protects effectively. On long or short rides, Padded Skins and Briefs provide comfort and eliminate soreness.

And people get to wear their own really cool clothes while cycling in comfort.

Maybe the best thing about our Padded Skins™and Padded Briefs™ is this: Once you have put your own clothes over this underwear, you don’t notice you have it on. Your crotch will be dry and comfy, you can concentrate on other things – like your riding. Or the scenery. Padded Skins™ and Padded Briefs™ do their job so quietly and so well that they seem to disappear.

The first comfortable alternative to padded cycling shorts is still the best.

Other Uses

Padded Skins™ and Padded Briefs™ have been discovered by equestrians. Big time. Read the testimonials. From day riding to serious dressage, our padded, moisture wicking underwear support comfort in the saddle. The pad covers and prevents tenderness where seat and tailbones need it most. Motorcyclists appreciate the qualities of wicking and padding, and wear Padded Skins™ and Padded Briefs™ on their rides.

We still make our underwear by hand, one at a time, in California.

Everything we make carries a lifetime warranty. Lifetime. Warranty.


WE USE WICKING FABRICS for all our products! We’ve found a lightweight, technical blend of 96% wicking polyester fibers spun with 4% lycra for snug comfort. This silky, stretchy fabric insulates like a fine layer of air under your clothes, keeping you cooler in warm weather, and warmer in cool weather.


OUR SEAMLESS PAD is a low profile, dense construction of five layers – 1/2 inch open-celled nylon foam bonded to polyester terry on the body side and nylon tricot on the outside. This pad is then sandwiched between two layers of our wicking fabric, providing nearly as much protection as regular cycling shorts.

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