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  • Helmet Mirrors? They’re Way Cooler Than You Think!

How many times do you look into your rear view mirror when you are driving? You don’t really know do you? BECAUSE, you do it automatically – mechanically – involuntarily: in other words, you don’t THINK about it.

But, what if it wasn’t there? Would you feel safe, confident, and be able to focus on the task of driving?

Every time you go out for a road ride, do you turn to look behind you? Is your bike where you thought it would be when you turned back? Or, is it off to the left or off to the right, or worse, off the road and heading for the ditch?

So, let’s change it up. What if you had the accessory – that becomes a necessity – that could save your life? What if it gave you that fraction of a second you might need to bail out – to avoid whatever is coming up behind you? What if it could save your life?

Our helmet mirror weighs only a few grams, and is always accessible by just a quick glance upwards.

Safe trumps cool – every time

I’ve just known Diane forever.  She save my life and fostered two generations of cyclists, so far.

Doug F. – Wisconsin Doug F. – Wisconsin