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HubBub Helmet Mirror

$ 34.95

Our #1 selling product! Our mirror is safe, lightweight, and guaranteed for 5 years!

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Our HubBub Helmet mirror is our best selling product!  And we’ve made some improvements over the past year – a new sealant that will keep your mirror sharper without “fading” and a more durable coating.

But, don’t just take our word for it.  Read Road Bike Rider’s Jim Langley’s  4 1/2 star review and see what he has to say.

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE OFFER THE MIRROR FOR BOTH LEFT-HAND MOUNT (for the U.S., Canada, and Europe) AND RIGHT-HAND MOUNT (for the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand)

Our mirror is lightweight (17 grams,) fits most helmets, (even those with a visor), and comes in pretty colors (gray, white, or yellow).  It is made 100% in the U.S. (mostly by hand, by us), and is guaranteed for 5 years against breaking or any fading of the viewing surface.

IF YOU HAVE A VISOR ON YOUR HELMET: And it is removable – take it off, install the mirror, and then reinstall the visor.

Here is the caveat about our guarantee:

If you install the mirror and you think that it needs to be twisted 180 degrees because you believe we made it wrong, you have it on the  helmet upside down.  There is a white dot on the vinyl-coated clamp that goes on the INSIDE of the helmet shell.  Put your helmet on your head, stand in front of a big mirror, hold the HubBub mirror up on the left side of your helmet and if the HubBub logo is right side up, you are good to go.  We’ve also made a lovely helmet installation video.

Lastly, if you live in the U.S. shipping is free.  If you live outside of the U.S. we pay the first $5.25 of your shipping fee.

Ride safely!

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7 reviews for HubBub Helmet Mirror

  1. Eric (verified owner)

    A great mirror, much brighter and larger than my beloved Chuck Harris mirror, which finally gave up the ghost. I do have one suggestion to remedy my difficulty in keeping it in the same place, a problem I had for both mirrors. Once I get the mirror positioned correctly, I loop a zip tie through the ends of the two wire loops that clamp down on the helmet and tighten it so that the wire and zip tie fully encircle the part of the helmet to which it is attached. Since I did this, the mirror has not budged a mm.

    • hubbub01 (verified owner)

      I believe I answered this in a direct email. The wire form is stainless steel and, since some helmet makers are using different size shells, we recommend “squashing” the clamp a bit if it is too loose on the helmet. Don’t put it in a vise – but, you can gently “squeeze” it and then re-open it a bit if it is too tight.

      Once in place, it should be good until you remove it from the helmet.

  2. Dick Evans

    My favorite mirror. I now have three. My oldest is now at least 6 years old. I use two, one on my mountain bike helmet and one on my road bike helmet. The other is on my wife’s helmet. I have been able to use it effectively even when using a rain cover on my helmet. I used to use take a look mirrors, but they don’t mount on helmets well and don’t work on glasses with fatter, sport frame temples. I also like the much larger field of view on the mirrors. I also like the white spot now on the hubbub clamp. On my older hubbubs I had some difficulty getting them twisted just right. My most recent purchase, which was in June 2020, was a breeze to mount. It gives me much more confidence knowing what is behind me.

    • hubbub01 (verified owner)

      Such nice words!!!! Thank you! Yes, we keep trying to improve upon the design when we can. The “white dot” though has been on the mirror since the very beginning; although, the instructions didn’t reflect that right away. Regardless – We’re very happy you like them and that they are keeping you safe! Diane

  3. Rick

    Best helmet mirror I have used! Sturdy, and offers a good look a what is behind you.

    • hubbub01 (verified owner)

      Thanks! We truly appreciate your kind words and that you would take the time to tell us!

      May we use your comments as a testimonial?


  4. Joyce Chang

    Is this a version of the Chuck Harris helmet mirror?

    • hubbub01 (verified owner)

      Hi Joyce,

      When Chuck was unable to produce and/or warranty mirrors he was making for us with our name and logo on it (probably 10 years ago now), we began our own R&D and came up with our version. The mirror surface is larger, more consistent, and – while not using recycled contents – is more reliable. It still uses a 15 gauge stainless steel wire form; so, if your mirror is beginning to deteriorate, you can purchase just a mirror head from us to replace it and it will fit on Chuck’s wire form. We guarantee our mirror for life. Thanks for asking. Have a great day. Diane

  5. Keith Groves (verified owner)


    I bought two hubbub mirrors last April for a cross-America tour ride with my daughter. After more than 4000 miles of use I cannot ride without it. However, when I started riding again as weather permitted in the last two weeks, the mirror has a rusty discoloration around the sides. My daughter’s is still in good condition. I can send photos. Is this covered by the warranty? Thank you.


    • hubbub01 (verified owner)

      Hi Keith… I believe we took care of this, right? (obviously, my attention to web site comments is severely lacking)

  6. Bruce Miller (verified owner)

    I’ve used the HubBub helmet mirror for over 10 years, on day rides, week rides and a cross-country ride. The mirror is better than mirrors mounted on the handlebar or glasses frame. I’ve given it as a gift to friends, who enjoy it. I don’t ride without it.

  7. Ken

    These mirrors are GREAT! I have been using one for about 4 years now and love it. Something about the shape gives you so much greater field of vision behind you. Easy to install and stays right where you want it.

    • hubbub01 (verified owner)

      Oooooooo – may I use this as a “testimonial” Ken?

      Thank you… we are so pleased you like it!


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